How MySpoco made this supplement company $1,000,000 in organic sales

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Organic search is responsible for billions of dollars of worth of sales every single day. Sites like Amazon and eBay harness the power of search engines to drive organic sales and utilize SEO to push them up search results pages. Although, you don’t need to be a monolith company in order to drive sales through search engines. We’ve worked with hundreds of companies in order to boost their search engine presence and their sales, this example involves a company that started off with a $500 per month plan..

These estimated earnings are based on the assumption that your site is user friendly and is attractive to visitors. For example, if your site manages to rank, once visitors are on your site, the appearance must be appealing and maximize conversions. For many clients, our web-design team will cover this. For the elite plan we will ensure that your funnel is properly optimized.

What is MySpoco?

MySpoco is an SEO services platform that uses artificial intelligence and some of the best minds in marketing to improve search visibility. We work with companies around the world, in every niche and from budgets between $200 upwards.

How we did it

The client started a supplement company focusing on producing high-quality protein powders and natural formulas. In the health niche there are some big names and even bigger budgets, making PPC quite unaffordable and unprofitable. For this reason, the client chose to go with SEO and organic marketing to boost their sales.

With a starting budget of $500 per month, this is enough to target long-tail keywords in the niche and rank on the first page for these terms in less than one month. Once our artificial intelligence tool analyzed their website and provided the MySpoco team with technical details of their website, we began the configuration process.

The configuration process involves implementing correct technical SEO protocols and suitable on-page markups. Once complete, we begin working on the off-page aspects such as link building. Due to the advanced keyword research that our tool carries out behind the scenes, ranking is sometimes possible without any links at all. However, for this client we worked with journalists and authority sites in the niche in order to ensure ranking occurred as quickly as possible.

On the fourth week of our service, the highest volume target keywords reached page one and conversions started to occur. This lead the client to increase their monthly plan and we began to target higher volume keywords, this further boosted their revenue and improved their ROI for search engine optimization.

How we can do it for your business

The MySpoco team works with with businesses in all niches and budgets. Our artificial intelligence tool is capable of supercharging any SEO campaign and making sure that you rank in the fastest time possible.

Start now...

Let our Ai rank your website:

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