How MySpoco made this aviation company $3,000,000 with SEO

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As stated in our last case study, MySpoco is an SEO service platform where artificial intelligence is used to rank websites and improve search presence. In this case study we look at a client in the aviation sector that decided to work with the MySpoco team in order to become one of the most popular private aviation networks in the world.

How did we do it?

With all of our clients, we utilize our state-of-the-art artificial intelligence alongside our team of SEO experts in order to push their site up the serps. For come context, this client came to us with a $2,000 monthly budget and a handful of current clients that were obtained using PPC ads. As these ads became more costly to run, they looked towards SEO in attempts to drive organic leads.

Step 1: Analysis with Ai

No SEO service should come as a one-size-fits-all and this means that for all budgets, you should try to understand how search engines view your site and wider niche before you attempt to rank for any keywords at all. This particular client operated in the private aviation sector, with a fleet of aircraft ranging from cargo planes to business aircraft. Before we looked at their website, we first learned about their goals and who they thought their biggest competitors were.

Our ai platform helps us gather information about the wider niche, making it easier for our in-house experts to target the gaps in the market. Their website needed on-page work, including technical analysis and user-experience tweaks (which we carried out all within their $2,000 monthly budget).

Step 2: Transform their website

The MySpoco Ai then spits out keywords that best suit your website, niche and user intent. During inspection of the client’s website the on-page aspects needed urgent alterations not just to improve rank, but also to improve the conversion rate. Our web-development experts created content for the site and included the new keywords into the site.

Step 3: Ranking begins

This stage of our process includes working with journalists to build an off-page portfolio of authority brand mentions and other link-building methods. We also work with pr-pro’s in order to keep links being build on a consistent basis through natural exposure in the media etc. Once these high-powered links are indexed and the on-page changes have been made (with help from our trusty Ai).. the ranking process beings.

Once these first page rankings begin (around 4-6 weeks), the client noticed a significant amount of leads form specific geographical locations, which lead us to target those areas further.

How much revenue did this convert to?

As the title says, this ongoing SEO process converted to around $3,000,000 in direct revenue over the space of 6-months since our team began managing the search engine optimization of the client site. This revenue came largely from B2B contracts that were initiated from a simple Google search.

The table above gives an idea how much you can expect to generate in revenue from keywords when an order value is $30, for high ticket items and B2B services you can expect a much higher ROI for SEO.

How we can help your business

No two businesses are the same and despite the three steps listed above sounding simple to execute, they require expert minds working together and using a vast amount of resources to achieve higher search visibility. We work with businesses in all sectors in order to improve their rankings and user experience. Plans begin at $200 per month and the sky is the limit. However, to become a large industry player like the client mentioned in this case study, you will need the budget to match.

Each sector has its own unique challenges and the aviation industry is filled with big-budget companies that are all fighting to get to the top of the SERPS. At MySpoco, we give the guarantee that you will rank with our services and have a 100% success rate in doing so. Contact us or check out our pricing plans to see how much you can benefit from partnering with MySpoco.

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